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Hendricks Pianos originally opened in 1974 as Hendricks Keyboards with Yamaha pianos. Today, the Yamaha brand continues to be its principal line.

The line Pearl River, which contains grand and vertical pianos in various styles and finishes, has been added to give customers the best mid-priced value in the Pearl River and Ritmuller brand names.

Owner Ed Hendricks carefully scrutinizes the designs, material specifications and features of each piano, making sure that everything he sells meets the same strict quality standards.

The Concert & Artist Service Department keeps Hendricks in close touch with piano happenings around the Chicagoland area. A nine foot concert grand, as well as grands of smaller size, stand ready for concert rental to visiting pianists, orchestras, recording studios, television shows and an assortment of events.

Yamaha Corporation has appointed Hendricks Pianos as their Concert and Artist Services representative for the Chicagoland area.

The Service Center Showroom presents a new concept in piano retailing. All Yamaha, Pearl River and Ritmuller models in various furniture styles and finishes stand displayed in the same large showroom.

Hendricks has the largest display of Yamaha pianos in the Midwest under one roof, and what makes them unique is that all necessary and unique services that pianos require can be done in the same building.

Highly qualified technicians and a skilled furniture craftsman are in-house Monday through Friday, and a complete inventory of grand and vertical pianos are warehoused on the premises for prompt delivery.

The company goal is not only to amaze the customers with beautiful pianos, but also to impress them with complete knowledge, quality and service.

About Hendricks Pianos:

  • In business since 1974
  • Extensive warehouse contains Yamaha & Pearl River models
  • Historic & vintage grands available
  • All sizes, shapes and finishes available under one roof
  • Largest piano display in the Midwest
  • Qualified technicians and craftsmen on duty Monday - Friday
  • Prompt delivery available

Get excited about the history of your piano!

About Yamaha Corporation
Torakusu Yamaha built his first vertical piano in 1900, structuring the company on musical, artistic and technical excellence. In 1902, the company introduced its first grand piano.

Now, in its second century, the Yamaha blend of hand craftsmanship and advanced technology continues to produce products of excellence, which is never compromised.

Of all the great pianos in the industry, only a Yamaha can produce a pianissimo so soft it whispers and still sings with a beautiful tone -- a credit to its incredibly sensitive action response. The softest pianissimo is never lost on a Yamaha piano.

Another tribute to the Yamaha action is its quick response to repetition and trilling. The piano can play faster than the pianist. There is tremendous consistency in touch between Yamaha pianos. Through time, this has seldom been achieved.

Yamaha is the only piano manufacturer who has the capacity to make all the parts used to build Yamaha pianos. The company has complete quality control over every aspect of their manufacturing process. The workmanship is flawless.

About Pearl River Piano Group America, Ltd.
Pearl River Piano Group America opened January of 2000. The piano arrived from China with the reputation of a quality entry-level piano.

Zhi-Cheng Tong, founder and president of Pearl River Corporation, enlisted assistance from European, Japanese and Korean piano manufacturers, as well as from engineers and scientists of world renown, in order to bring his piano up to world standards.

At the same time, he spared no effort to modernize and automate his factories with computer controlled machinery and with the technology to catapult his factories to the forefront of the piano industry.

In 2005, Tong's objective was to produce 100,000 vertical pianos and 20,000 grands a year, to become the largest piano manufacturer in the world. Pearl River has already begun to compete with Japanese and Korean manufacturers in the high profile markets of Europe and the United States.

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